Raulerson Hospital
October 15, 2015

Raulerson Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the latest technology offered at Raulerson Hospital. It is an efficient way for patients to be evaluated by physician specialists, who may not be physically located in the facility. Telemedicine allows hospitals, even in remote locations, to offer 24/7 coverage for time-sensitive services, such as neurology. Prior to Raulerson Hospital providing telemedicine for neurology, patients requiring a neurologist's consultation may have been transferred to a facility out of town, if a local neurologist was not available in-person to perform the necessary neurological consultation. Now, using the latest in Telemedicine technology, Raulerson Hospital patients can promptly receive evaluations and consultations with a neurologist, right here at Raulerson Hospital. A neurologist can see, hear and speak to patients in real time using the new Telemedicine Portal. The neurologist can then evaluate the patient with the assistance of the Hospital's trained and qualified clinicians who guide the patient through the experience. Telemedicine for neurology is quickly becoming a standard in healthcare. Raulerson Hospital is connecting its patients with modern technology and great healthcare.